Libya: intelligence agency ‘jamming’ television signals

Posted: February 22, 2011 in World News

February 22, 2011

Libya’s intelligence agency is behind the powerful jamming that has disrupted Al Jazeera television’s signal across much of the Middle East and North Africa, the Arab satellite broadcaster said on Monday.

“The source of (the) signal blockage has been pinpointed to a Libyan intelligence agency building … south of the capital Tripoli,” said Al Jazeera, whose coverage of a regional political unrest has been watched across the Arab world.

Access to the network’s website continued to be blocked in Libya, the Qatar based broadcaster said in a statement.

“The media should be able to operate freely, so all interference with our work and our broadcast signal should cease forthwith,” an Al Jazeera spokesman said.

There was no immediate response from Libya, as Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s four-decade-old rule appeared in increasing jeopardy as anti-government protests reached the capital for the first time and security forces killed dozens of people.

Jamming was being caused by large installations capable of simultaneously interfering with several frequencies on the Arabsat and Nilesat satellites, Al Jazeera said earlier.

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