Greek Mass Rally Turns Violent

Posted: February 23, 2011 in World News

February 23, 2011

Last year Greece faced finacial ruin and bankruptcy. Its financial affairs were in a mess and stringent financial measures were needed. Greece was not alone though, as many Eurpoean countries struggled to balance their books. The Greeks though are not armchair revoluntionaries, unlike UK citizens, but rather prepared to protest. So began a series of protests and strikes.

As is so often the case when many people gather in close proximity, the protests often ended in violence. Little has been heard lately about Greece but it seems the country’s problems are far from over.

30,000 people attended a rally in Athens today. Today’s rally was organised as part of a general strike, which caused chaos. Whether it was recent events in the middle east that caused the police to overreact is hard to determine but they used tear gas and stun grenades.

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