WRAPUP 3 – Disaster-hit Japan faces protracted nuclear crisis

Posted: March 27, 2011 in World News

Kiyoshi Takenaka and Yoko Kubota
March 27, 2011

Battle to control Fukushima plant seen far from over

* Japan crisis helps tip Germany poll against Merkel

* More than 27,000 dead or missing from quake and tsunami

* Magnitude 6.5 quake in north Japan triggers small tsunami

* Low-level radiation found in Massachusetts rainwater (Adds Massachusetts rainwater contaminated)

TOKYO, March 28 (Reuters) – Japan appeared resigned on Monday to a long fight to contain the world’s most dangerous atomic crisis in 25 years after high radiation levels complicated work at its crippled nuclear plant.

Engineers have been battling to control the six-reactor Fukushima complex since it was damaged by a March 11 earthquake and tsunami that also left more than 27,000 people dead or missing across Japan’s devastated northeast.

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake rocked the region on Monday, the latest in a series of aftershocks, and officials warned it would trigger a 50-cm (two feet) tsunami wave.

Radiation at the nuclear plant has soared in recent days. Latest readings on Sunday showed contamination 100,000 times normal in water at reactor No. 2 and 1,850 times normal in the nearby sea.

Those were the most alarming levels since the crisis began.

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  1. This is just getting from bad to worse..

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