Fiery UFO Filmed Over Mexico

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Unexplained
July 6, 2011

The footage, shot from the side of a road in Cuernavaca, near Mexico City, appears to show a mysterious glowing object hurtling through the sky.

As the cameraman zooms in for a better look, a fiery ball with flaming wings is revealed.

The video, recorded on June 29, was uploaded to YouTube by a user named only as Kimdragon1.

After seeing the footage, one user wrote: “I saw exact the same thing at June 29 from Greece at 23.00 local time.”

The sighting has been compared to one over Berlin in Germany on Feb 11, in which the UFO was also seen falling through the sky, leaving a flaming trace behind it.

UFO watchers have speculated the mysterious object could have been a meteorite or space junk entering Earth’s atmosphere, although this theory has been rejected by others who argue the object’s slow trajectory is more akin to a comet or aeroplane vapour trail lit by the sunset.


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