S.C. protesters disrupt Michele Bachmann speech

Posted: November 10, 2011 in US News

Harriet McLeod
November 10, 2011

(Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was about 10 minutes into a foreign policy speech in South Carolina on Thursday when she was drowned out by the shouting of protesters.

About 30 people rose in unison and began shouting a scripted message during Bachmann’s address aboard the USS Yorktown, a World War Two aircraft carrier.

The group, which later identified itself as being part of Occupy Charleston, accused Bachmann of “dividing Americans” and promoting discrimination.

“You cater to the 1 percent,” they yelled.

Bachmann stopped speaking and was escorted from the stage by law enforcement officers. After about three minutes, the protesters shouted: “Have a pleasant day,” and marched out chanting “We are the 99 percent.”

“We’re Americans criticizing her. We’re just getting our voices heard,” said a young woman who wouldn’t give her name. “She’s getting her voice heard. Why can’t I have my voice heard?”

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